Losing the Baby Weight #1

I put on 4 stone in my first pregnancy, and 3.5 in my second. Way too much I know but that’s just how it was. This time was different. I felt really tired and worn out the whole time, and I never lost my appetite at the end like I usually do. So how many stone did I put on? 2. Bizarre I know considering I didn’t feel like I did much differently to my last pregnancy.

After each girl once I had started to wean them onto solid food and it wasn’t my breastmilk solely nourishing them I started exercising again and doing Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers was brilliant for me as I followed the online plan, could eat what I liked (within points of course) and add extra calories for breastfeeding. Afterwards I found that the diet had helped me to recognise how I was eating badly and the weight stayed off.

This time I have to lose the baby weight a little quicker. I have a bridesmaids dress to get into by New Years Eve. And It Doesn’t Do Up. 

Major crisis obviously. I can’t diet as I’m exclusively breastfeeding still so exercise it is. I haven’t exercised for more than a year so needed to get into it slowly, and needed to be able to do it with baby Sprout in tow. So I decided to start running. I’ve been using the Couch to 5k app, putting in my headphones and running with little Sprout in his pushchair. And shhh…I’ve been enjoying it!

I’m loving getting out in the fresh air. I’m loving listening to my music and not the children’s CDs and I’m loving feeling healthier and am happier as a result. Yes I probably look like a crazy lady running with the pushchair, but hey ho! I’m looking forward to looking and feeling better as a result and I’m enjoying the beautiful local scenery too.

I plan on updating you every week with my progress. I also need to think of something to do when it is too cold and rainy to take baby Sprout on a run outside so ideas would be great! Thanks!

Week One 

Start weight: 10st 3lb


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  1. October 16, 2014 / 3:03 pm

    I have just started my own weight loss journey!! I look forward to seeing your updates!! 🙂

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