Losing the Baby Weight #3

So, it’s been a while! The weather got bad, and to be honest I failed in my exercise mission. I am going to carry on running but I plan to do it in the mornings when everyone is asleep and when the weather is not completely awful!

But now that Baby Sprout is weaning onto solid food and breast milk is not his only source of nutrition I thought I would try a diet to lose the baby weight. I read up a lot on different diets and it had to be something easy to do, healthy and still give me enough calories and nutrients for breastfeeding.

I decided on the Fast Diet (the 5:2 diet). Basically on two days a week you eat a reduced calorie load of 500 calories and the other days you eat normally. It is supposed to be good for you in more ways than it helps you to lose weight. I won’t go into it here as you can read about it for yourself but it is supposed to help your body to repair itself and help prevent certain cancers.

For me, as I’m still breastfeeding I decided to reduce my calories on Mondays and Thursdays to 600 rather than 500 and I eat very normally on the other days.

I’m not going to lie – it is difficult on fast days. I am hungry but I make sure I fill up on protein like oats (also good for breastfeeding) and drink lots of water. I also discovered that diet coke is only 1 calorie so great for giving me that ‘sweet fix’ I so crave. It works for me because it is only one day I have to diet for – I can get through that day by thinking about the food I’ll eat the next day! I’ve also not noticed any detrimental effect on my milk supply which is important.

And best of all? I lost 3 pounds last week! I’m really happy with that amount – slow and steady all the way!

Week Three

Starting weight: 10 stone 2 pounds

Current Weight: 9 Stone 13 pounds

Total weight loss: 4 pounds


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