Losing the top teeth

This week Bean lost her first top front tooth. We knew it was coming, it had been wobbly like forever, and she had been desperately wiggling it every day!

She came home from school and it was hanging on one side only. It had to come out, so a little tug later and out it was. Bean was obviously super excited! I remember the feeling well – the joy and excitement that the tooth fairy will be visiting you that night.

I however am less excited. To me it means that she will never look the same again. Her lovely set of straight perfect teeth are no more. I dread the adult tooth coming as then we will have an idea who she takes after – me with the most hideous wonky teeth ever or hubby who has perfect teeth. I hope against hope she takes after him! My teeth were so hideous that my own mother took me to the orthodontist at age 7!! They are fine now, after years of fixed braces, retainers and now permanent retainers but I don’t want the same for Bean.

I will miss her perfect little baby teeth.


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  1. October 5, 2013 / 12:46 pm

    Aww I have the same feeling about my youngest….She lost her top tooth a couple of weeks ago….She looks so odd….lol
    Hope all the teeth come in straight for Bean x

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