Loving the 70s!

As part of her Jubilee celebrations, Bean’s class had to dress up in 70s gear today. Being the good mum that I am (scoff) I traipsed around Cardiff looking for a fancy dress outfit – to no avail. So then I had to resort to buying something vaguely 70s looking and altering it.

I found a flowery jumpsuit in TK Max for £10. It looked a little long so I thought it would be perfect to alter the legs into flares. It also matched some fabric that I knew I had at home.

I cut up both sides of the legs and then cut out 4 triangles of coordinating fabric. I sewed these into the gaps made by the cuts. Voila flares! I was quite impressed with myself really as it was quite straightforward and only took a few minutes. As I’d cut some length off I had to re-hem them but this was quick enough as I wasn’t too bothered about the quality of the finish as it was only dress up.

I then managed to get a blond hair plait from Claire’s Accessories and use that as a hippy headband. I curled her hair at the front to emulate Farrah Fawcett (I know bad mummy but it looked good!).

One handmade (well hand altered) fancy dress outfit. I feel like a proper mummy now!


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