Magic Squares Playdate

We are no strangers to playdates in our house. The girls are very sociable and love having friends over to play. But for mummy this does mean thinking up how to entertain them and make sure that they have a nice time and want to come to play again!

I have a little playdate routine now, and it works quite well – the trick is to let them do everything they want to but throw a structured activity or two in there to keep the chaos at bay! Mix up the magic as they say!!

I usually get them home from school and let them have a little play in their bedroom with their friend. They like to show their friends all their toys and have some time to themselves.


Then I sit them down for lunch. I’m quite a pushover with food on playdates. It’s not my place to force another person’s child to eat healthily so they usually get what they ask for (within reason!!) Jam sandwiches all round usually!

When the weather is nice we might have lunch in the garden. Mess is much better contained in the garden!! These cute little Petits Filous Magic Square Fromage Frais yoghurts have been going down a treat lately in our house and are a lunchtime playdate staple!


After lunch they will play a little while I clear up. If it is nice weather I might ask them to water the plants in the garden – they always love doing this!

Then it is ‘structured activity’ time. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated but I usually like to do something that they can take home with them. We make badges, bake cupcakes, decorate cookies, draw pictures, do arts and crafts or play with playdoh. You get the idea.

IMG_6936 IMG_7581

Then it’s time for their little friend to go home. If I am dropping them off and there is time we might stop for a quick play in the park or to feed the ducks.


Hopefully they will have had a lovely time and go home to tell their mummy all about the yummy food they had and show her what they made. I love it when my girls come back from playdates. We are so lucky to have lovely mums at their school and they always come back having had the best time.

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