Making an Easter Basket with Cadbury’s Egg n Spoon

For us Easter is about three C’s: Christ, Chocolate and Crafts. Of course, to the girls, chocolate and crafts are much more fun than Christ but there you are.

We love upcycling and not wasting things so when we were asked to try some Cadburys Egg n Spoon eggs and make something out of the box we were definitely up for the challenge.

Firstly, the girls loved the Egg n Spoon eggs. They had seen them in the shops and for one reason or another I had never got around to buying them. For me they were much to sweet but the girls loved cracking the top and scooping the mousse out from the inside. Even Jelly Baby who is not the biggest chocolate fan scoffed hers all up!

We decided to make a little easter egg basket from the empty box – here is how we did it….

Cut the top of the carton off at the hinge (cut off the hinge too. Add a cardboard handle  to the top part of the box (you can make this from the cardboard wrapper) and tape down.

IMG_5662 Place the bottom of the box inside the top and tape securely together.IMG_5663

We then painted our baskets and handles and added some paper grass.



Our finished boxes are perfect for holding small eggs and will be great to give to the grandparent’s at easter.


Disclosure – we were sent two boxes of Egg n Spoon for the purposes of this post. To see another way of using the Egg n Spoon in a craft check out Knitty Mummy’s post here.



  1. March 26, 2014 / 12:33 pm

    They look great. We also did a craft post with egg’n’spoons, so I’ve linked to your post from mine (just in case anyone has 2 boxes and wants more inspiration!).

  2. cookiesandcwtches
    March 26, 2014 / 9:02 pm

    That’s great thank you! I have returned the favour! Love how your sheep worked out!

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