Making A Spring Picture With Scraps

Little Miss J absolutely loves arts and crafts. She comes out of school every day with a new creation she has made and she really enjoys just getting stuck in and doing something crafty. We have a big box of craft stuff, odd bits of paper, lollipop sticks, tissue paper from parcels etc that I sometimes just get out and let her rummage through and make something with.

Last week she made this wonderful bright spring picture featuring lots of flowers just using scrap bits and pieces. Here’s some of what we used…

Lollipop sticks – save the ones from ice lollies in the summer. Wash them and even paint them if you like. Flowery napkins – these are perfect for decoupage or just cutting out and sticking on like we did here

Scrap fabric – again, Little Miss J just cut out the flowers from the fabric and it looks really effective

Ribbon & Tissue paper – we always get bits of ribbon and tissue paper in parcels and keep it for crafty projects like this.

Now there’s no real instructions here – just let your little one’s imagination run wild. We cut up the ribbon to make a sky of sorts and used tissue paper and crepe paper for the grass. Lollipop sticks and cut out flowers from the fabric and napkins as well as some pre-cut craft flowers made the pretty flowers and more tissue paper made the sun.

I hope you agree it made a beautiful sunny spring floral picture and it makes me happy whenever I look at it pinned on my fridge.

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  1. May 28, 2017 / 12:29 pm

    This is such a sweet creation, I love kids crafts x

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