Maudie’s Rooms – A Review

On Saturday we were invited to watch a show in Cardiff Bay. Not your usual run of the mill show – a promenade performance called Maudie’s Rooms.

I was really intrigued – I had never heard of a promenade performance and didn’t know really what to expect except that we wouldn’t be sat down in a theatre.

The suspense started early when we were sent a map to our meeting point.

Map - website

Bean was really excited to follow the map and find the bus stop.


We were met by ushers and waited for them to take us somewhere…but they never did. Arlo Butterworth appeared and the show swept us off our feet from there. We followed him (and the story) to an old building where the action was to take place…and where we were met by several characters from Arlo’s past.

What really struck me about the show was the incredible use of props and staging. The atmosphere of the old building and the fantastic attention to detail that must have gone into sourcing and placing the props was really astounding. Coupled with the fantastic acting of the small cast, in close quarters with their audience the experience was exactly that – a real experience. A show that we the audience felt (and smelt!) and became really a part of.

The show states that it is suitable for 7+ and there were even younger children there who enjoyed the performance but Bean was a little scared at some points. So if your children are young and of a sensitive disposition it maybe isn’t the show for them. That being said Bean was utterly fascinated throughout the whole thing, often clamouring to see the action and she spent the hour and a half wide eyed and transfixed.

It was an amazing performance and one that I would definitely recommend to anybody – and it is so great to do something a little different for once!


Disclosure – we were gifted the tickets to the show for the purpose of the review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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