Me and Mine January 2016

Me and Mine January 2016

This month’s family photo is a really poignant one for me. Here we all are standing outside our house. The house that has been our home since just before Bean was born. We bought this house because I was pregnant, we bought it for her, so that we would be a family there, and to secure her future.

We have loved and hated living here, but it definitely was one of the best moves we have ever made. Our current house is beautiful but we have outgrown it and we’d like to live in a better area.┬áMoving on makes me nervous, but again it is a move that we hope will secure the future of all three of our children.

There will be many, many more posts on our new house, but this one is to say thank you and goodbye to our current one. We will miss you little house!

me and mine january 2016

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