Mint and Mustard, Cardiff Review

Last weekend we headed out to the Mint and Mustard Restaurant in Cardiff for dinner for a friend’s birthday. Hubby was super excited as he had heard really good things about it and LOVES curry!

Mint and Mustard didn’t disappoint! I tried the paneer for the first time and loved it. As a vegetarian I often see paneer described on Indian menus as being like cottage cheese which as a  concept really put me off! But Paneer is really nothing like cottage cheese as we know it – I would say it is more like halloumi but less salty and chewy. Utterly delicious anyway!

The service was very attentive and we were glad we booked a table as they were so busy they were only taking booked tables. The decor is lovely and modern too, although I did feel that the tables were a little close together.

The menu looked expensive but the food was really nice and our bill came to £155 for four of us for three courses plus drinks, although £40 of that was wine! So minus the wine, I think it was quite reasonable – we would be happy to have a bi-annual splurge there!

Here is hubby looking delighted with his starter!



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