Moany Monday: Jelly is waking in the night :-(

For the last week Jelly Baby has been waking in the night. Just once a night, about 2-3 she wakes up screaming. SCREAMING. One of us will have to go into her, give her some milk and some Calpol (in case it is teething trouble) and settle her back to sleep. She will not sleep cuddled up on us and will not come into our bed – blessings in disguise I suppose.

Now getting up in the night is fine when you have a newborn, but once you have gotten used to sleeping through, have late nights because of work and early mornings because of the school run, getting up in the night is hard. I even shouted at the hubby last night. Proper shouted at him.

So I need to figure out what is causing the sudden wakings…

Is she cold? Not likely.

Is she too hot? Possibly but she can take herself out of her sleeping bag herself now.

Too much daytime sleep? Daytime sleep patterns seem to have no effect on the wakings.

Hungry? Possibly. She does ask for milk when she wakes which we give her in a cup since I stopped breastfeeding. I DON’T want to re-introduce night time feeds though at this stage.

Teeth? Possibly. I hate using calpol though so am investigating other options.


Looking at the above, writing this little list has helped to identify some causes. Today I plan to stuff her little face so that she cannot possibly be hungry!! And Hubby has bought Anbesol (magic teething lotion). Will give these a try and report back! Wish me luck!


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