The Dietician Saga…

So, the dietician saga continues.

Following Bean’s blood test results showing that she has slight anaemia – see old post here –  last week we trotted off to the hospital for her appointment with the paediatrician. Which was a waste of time.

It wasn’t the paediatrician’s fault – she dutifully listened to me re-tell my story of my child who won’t eat. She sympathised, she looked at the results but decided that Bean’s anaemia is borderline so medication would do her more harm than good in terms of its side effects. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy she doesn’t need medication, and we needed to see this doctor in order to get referred to the psychologist the whole trip was a waste of time in the endless jumping of hoops exercise this whole thing has become.

Well anyway, since we are playing that game, play it we did and we asked for the referral to the psychologist. The doctor tried to talk to Bean about her issues with food. This resulted in Bean hiding under a chair and screaming alternately “I DO EAT” and “I HATE THAT”. Needless to say the referral was granted.

Hubby spoke to the psychologist to advise that we have finally been referred and she hopes to have an appointment for us after Christmas. What a long journey to get to the beginning.


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