Moany Monday: The Dietician Saga

* Moany Monday *

So today is a big moan and a catch up for those of you who are following our story of a child with an eating problem.

We’d seen the dietician if you remember, and at our follow up appointment had recommended seeing a psychologist as she thought beans problem was psychological rather than behavioural.

We have private medical insurance with Bupa which we were happy to use but I didn’t want her sent to any old quack, I wanted her seen by a specialist children’s department so we held out for the nhs referral.

We waited and waited and then I chased it with the dietician. She chased it, again we heard nothing, I felt like a pest but again I chased it with the dietician. Turns out psychology in Cardiff and cake nhs trust are too understaffed to take her:

Let me repeat that-they wouldn’t see her not because she forsn’t have a problem but because they haven’t got enough staff. I was Absolutely shocked and appalled. I couldn’t even believe that they had the audacity to admit that was the reason.

So, the dietician wrote us a referral letter for Bupa. Bupa then refused to fund treatment as they felt it was behavioural as opposed to a mental health issue and therefore not covered under the policy. AGGGGHHHHH.

So we were faced with a problem of the NHS refusing to treat her and Bupa refusing to treat her. Frustrating as we pay a large amount of NI contributions and a significant sum for private medical on top and we were now facing the thought of paying for the psychologist ourselves.

So off I went to the docs to complain. I failed to understand why they were letting her slip completely under the radar. She had a problem, and she needs help, understaffing was just not a good enough excuse. The doctor was a locum and therefore not useful at all. BUT she did refer us to the hospital for a blood test to see if Bean was aneamic or low on vitamin D.

The blood results showed that Bean is slightly anaemic, and therefore now the doctors seem to be taking my complaint more seriously. She has been referred to a paediatrician and Bupa has agreed to fund an initial consultation with someone to assess whether her problem is behavioural or psychological.

Hallelujah. I feel that we are getting somewhere with receiving help to solve her problem. I have had to push and fight to get it, and I’m sure I will have to do more of that but I want to be able to look her in the eye when she is older and tell her that I did everything that I could to help her to eat properly.

I am sharing this story in the hope that other mums with children with eating difficulties may have some advice or just some support for me. It seems like it is usual for young children to be fussy eaters but something else for them to have a psychological problem with food. I am desperate to learn more, in order to be able to help my little girl.


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