MOKURU Fidget Stick – The New Fidget Spinner??

You know what kids are like, there’s one craze after another. Recently it’s been fidget spinners. They were everywhere and my kids were desperate to get their hands on one! Of course every craze has it’s day and the fidget spinner craze is dying down now, only to make it’s way for the next thing. And it’s tipped to be these new MOKURU fidget sticks…

They are the latest craze from Japan and are a simple handheld wooden toy, originally designed to test people’s balance and focus. Now they are testing the dexterity of people over here in the UK. They are made from beech wood and are the perfect size and shape for the job. They come in lots of different colours so why stop at one? If you buy more you can master more tricks – you can flip 5 MOKURU with one hand!

Bean was super excited to try hers out. We watched a few YouTube videos and soon learnt what tricks to try. The easy ones are simple to master, the more tricky ones take a bit more practice. She patiently sat there for ages trying to master some of the tricks. It was a very refreshing change from her being glued to the iPad that’s for sure!

MOKURU aren’t just for kids either. They claim to help focus and concentration, imagination and alleviate stress. Seeing as MOKURU fits into your pocket, they are easy to take to work and play when you are taking a break at your desk.

As with any new toy, there are lots of fakes available but only MOKURU is the real one which has been designed and engineered to ensure perfect balance and is made from good quality materials.

You can learn more about MOKURU on their website and you can buy them at Smyths Toys or online on Amazon (affiliate link).

Here’s a little video Bean made of her practicing her MOKURU moves!


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Disclosure – we were gifted our MOKURU stick for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.


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