Moving the girls into a shared bedroom

While we were away last week the girls shared a bedroom. They tend to share a bedroom while we are away as I think it is more reassuring for them. This time they really had a ball together. It was so cute to listen to them talking to each other at bedtime and listening to them wake up together. Bean can even lift Jelly Baby out of her cot so they came running into our bedroom together in the morning. LOVE IT!

That combined with the fact that my work space has been crammed into our bedroom for the last year (not ideal), combined with the fact that Bean made her bedroom  a total mess with her toys every day, and the fact that Jelly Baby’s room was so small she couldn’t play in there prompted me to have a reshuffle of the sleeping arrangements. Bean has bunk beds which were bought with Jelly Baby in mind, but she is still too small for a single bed and quite happy in her cot so we didn’t want to change that so we just moved Bean’s beds around, fitted the cot into the room along with Jelly Baby’s wardrobe and shipped the toys out and there we had it – a super cute bedroom and a fabulous playroom come workspace for me!

I can’t tell you how well it has worked out. The girls have been getting on so much better than before as sharing a room has made them bond more. They can play with their toys in the playroom, make a mess and I can just shut the door on it. I have a great workspace and they can play whilst I work if necessary. Win win win win!

Here is an old post which shows what the girls room’s used to look like and here is what the new rooms look like now…


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