Moving to a self hosted blog

As my regular followers will have noticed I have been messing with my blog again. I know, I know, I’ll stop it!

I decided to make the move to a self hosted blog. This is good news. It means I am serious about blogging. I am planning on carrying on with this blog and making it really good (not that it’s not really good already!)

The problem was however that I am not very technologically minded – a reason why I have been putting it off for so long!! But I thought I would bite the bullet and do it – I mean really how hard can it be?!

This isn’t intended as a guide to moving your blog to – their ‘proper’ guide which I followed can be found here. This is just a post to demonstrate to you that it is possible to do it yourself relatively easily.

Firstly I needed a new domain and hosting. I followed one of’s recommendations and went with GoDaddy. I got a private .com domain and hosting for 2 years for £50. Not bad.

Setting up the domain and hosting with GoDaddy was relatively straightforward. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t understand much of what was on the screen but I guess I understood enough! GoDaddy supports one click installation of so I did that and I was ready to transfer my old blog.

You simply go to Dashboard Tools and then export blog on your old site. This will download a file to your computer. Then on your new wordpress site go to the same place but find ‘import blog. Follow the instructions to download your file to the new blog, making sure you check the box to transfer links and pictures etc.

You can’t take some themes with you (this happened to me) so there was a little bit of re-jigging around with a new theme. I also lost some category tags (or discovered that I had badly tagged before) so some time was taken re-tagging. But otherwise the move was very straightforward – it only took me 3 hours including re-jigging the theme.

As for the benefits of moving to self hosted, well only time will tell. But rest assured readers, here I am to stay 🙂


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