My A2 Milk 2 Week Challenge Results

I have been drinking A2 milk for two weeks now. At first I’ll confess that I didn’t really think it was doing much, until I couldn’t get hold of it one day and I drank my normal milk. I instantly felt bloated. The A2 milk must have had a slow effect upon me, such that I did not notice it’s effect until I stopped drinking it.

Since then I have been doing some research into foods and beverages. I am considering putting my eldest on a restrictive diet to reduce food additives and preservatives in order to try to combat her difficult behaviour. This will be the subject of a future blog post but whilst doing my research I came across recommendations for A2 milk, which I found interesting as I had not heard of it before I started this two week challenge.

So I can attest to the benefits gained from drinking this new milk, however, there are a couple of negatives I have found.

The milk is £1.99 for 4 pints. This is on the expensive side, and at twice the price of my usual milk would make a serious dent in our shopping budget should we permanently change to it considering the large amount of milk we consume as a family.

The milk is not very widely available yet, at least where I live. I could only find it in Morrisons which while is local to me, is not where I do my main shop. I have been making special trips there to buy the milk which has been inconvenient. Also, as happened to me, when they ran out I had nowhere else to get it from nearby.

I think that for me the milk is a great idea, and if we weren’t on such a tight budget, or I had a more serious milk intolerance I might consider a permanent change. However for now I think I’ll buy it for my daughter and the rest of the family will have to continue drinking our regular milk.


I am writing this report as a BzzAgent. I received vouchers for the A2 milk for the purpose of the review. I was not otherwise compensated.


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