Free Printable Baby Dribble Bib Pattern PDF

Free Printable Baby Dribble Bib Pattern PDF

flower dribble bib

I am muchos excited today as I have just made my first downloadable pdf pattern. It’s a free printable baby dribble bib pattern.

It is a copy of the pattern I devised for the handmade dribble bibs that I used to sell on my website and Etsy which I tweaked until I am happy with it. I did some reasearch and found out how to create a PDF pattern – thank you and when my last sewing machine needle snapped this afternoon I thought rather than sulk about the end to my night of sewing I would do something productive.

I made these dribble bibs using cotton for the top later and a micro fleece for the back. Cotton thread in the sewing machine and these were really easy to put together. I used plastic poppers to fasten them. You could make them to sell or just make them for your own baby and friends and family.

And here is the result – my first printable available for free download.┬áSo please, try it, use it, love it!

Lina Loves Dribble Bib Pattern 2012

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free printable dribble bib pattern


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