My little girl wants to be a doctor #whenigrowup

At the end of nursery year, Bean’s class were all asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, and they each dressed up like this for a class assembly. There were some great choices – a couple of little girls wanted to be mums which was heartwarming, one fellow wanted to be a king, some teachers, one shark (!) but my little girl wanted to be a doctor.

Off we went to buy a doctor’s fancy dress outfit (all the time feeling for the poor mum who had to make a shark costume!). I was the proudest mummy in the world. I would have loved to be a doctor myself, but haven’t really got the temperament. They do say that you project your dreams onto your children so yes, I would be very pleased if she did become a doctor, who wouldn’t. More than anything else, it means that she is clever, kind, and wants to look after people.

The class assembly was amazing. They sang S Club 7’s Reach for the Stars and it made me cry. It made me realise that these tiny humans will go on to have amazing jobs and be amazing people. They have the world at their feet and they really can do anything they want to – with our help and support. Afterwards Bean’s teacher came up to me and said that if anyone in that class could be a doctor, it would be Bean. My heart was fit to burst.

But whatever Bean may grow up to do, she will always be my little star, and I hope and pray every day that I can do enough to help her on her way in life, to encourage her, to support her and to most of all love her. Whatever she does when she grows up I know I will be proud.

This post was written in support of Tommy’s, a charity which supports medical research into pregnancy complications, premature births and baby loss. I lost a baby to miscarriage, a baby who will never grow up, never have dreams and aspirations, and will never know how much they were and are loved. Please help support this cause so that more babies can be born to have and fulfil dreams like Bean when they grow up.

On 27th August – 16th September, Asda are holding their Baby and Toddler event across the UK. During the event leading brands – such as Huggies, Pampers and Cow & Gate – are giving a donation to Tommy’s, to help Asda raise £100,000 for the charity, and to help fund its vital work to give every baby the best start in life.

The #whenIgrowup Twitter party will be hosted by Tommy’s this Thursday 30th August, from 12-1pm, using the hashtag #whenIgrowup. There will be some great prizes to give away (Peppa Pig goodies and Asda vouchers).


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