My New Online Shop!

So here goes everybody – I launched my new online shop today! I am very excited! I used the website to design and host it and it has been relatively straightforward! I’m sure I’ll have a few glitches at some point though!

I am super excited as it is a great opportunity for me to launch my own business, be in control of my own life, provide for my children and all by doing something that I love. A HUGE learning curve – but life should always be a challenge right?!

I have lots more to add to the site (and consequently lots more to make) but I thought I would publish it now so that I can ease myself in! I had my first Etsy sale yesterday as well so clearly my products are good! The idea behind the site is to sell handmade and often personalised cards and gifts at reasonable prices. In today’s hard economic times a personal and unique present means much more than an expensive one.

So everybody please check it out…and buy something if you like it!

(May take a few hours to go online as I have only just published it – I just couldn’t wait to share it with you!)


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