My poor baby….

Apologies for the absence over the last few days. Ostensibly it was supposed to be for spending some family time together but in reality we had a bit of a dramatic weekend.

On Saturday we had been invited to the wedding of one of hubby’s best friends and Jelly’s godmother. It was a no children wedding and we were actually looking forward to the break, and spending some time together. We even toyed with the idea of staying in the hotel for the night, but cost put us off. I didn’t really fancy drinking either as we’d been sick the weekend before, I was not quite in the right place for a hangover.

Coincidentally (or not for other religious types) we were really lucky we had made these decisions as Jelly had a little tumble when with Nanny and hurt her leg. Apparently she just slipped on a bit of paper on the floor and her feet went from beneath her and she fell backwards. She refused from then on to put any weight on her right leg.

Duly called back from the wedding (at least I made it to coffee) we took her off to A & E where they x-rayed her. They found no evidence of a fracture but because hairline fractures are hard to see I. Babies they treated her like she had one and came home ( at 2am) in an above knee plaster cast.

She has been in incredibly brave and doesn’t want to let the cast stop her doing anything. Today it was dragged around after her! So apologies for the absence once again, more on my crazy life


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