My Top Posts of 2018

I haven’t written a post like this before but I saw fellow blogger Collette from We’re Going on An Adventure write about her top posts of the year and I thought it was a great idea! First of all I had no real idea what sort of posts were my most popular so it was really interesting reading taking a look at what content you guys have been enjoying and it gives me more inspiration about what to write about in 2019.


So, my top 6 posts are…

Nutribullet Pancakes Recipe

nutribullet pancakes

I knew that this would be one of my most popular posts as it gets hits every single day without fail. It’s a really easy recipe to make pancakes that I wrote a while ago. You basically put everything into a blender, blend and there you have your pancake mix, no need for whisking or faff, which is perfect for a weekend where you might be in more of a rush.

How to Look Good on The School Run When You Have No Time

How To Look Good On The School Run

This was a sponsored post and it did really well, gaining a huge amount of hits from somewhere (note to self, get better at analysing Google Analytics!). It had a huge peak which has tapered off now but I should re-share it to revive it again. I guess it resonated with a lot of people as I know that I for one like to look good on the school run but I naturally have no time in the mornings! I think I’ll be needing the advice in this post more than ever in 2019 with the new baby on the way!

How To Make Floorboards White

how to paint floorboards white

This post is really popular and I also get lots of messages about painting our floorboards white. We painted all the floorboards on the top floor of the house (the children’s bedrooms) white using specialist floor paint and I still love them 3 years later. They have lasted brilliantly, are so easy to clean and they are only just needing a little top up paint. It’s so nice not to have to worry about the children ruining the carpet, they only need to be cleaned once a week and they make a great photo backdrop too.

How To Paint a Whiteboard Wall

This is another interior DIY post where I show how we painted the back of the door in our playroom to give it a whiteboard coating so that the children could draw on it and express their creativity! It wasn’t the easiest DIY but it worked really well in the end and is a great idea for creating a space where your little one can draw over and over again, especially if you are short of space.

No Sew Princess Leia Costume

No Sew Princess Leia Costume

This gets a lot of hits around world book day surprise surprise! Lots of you are looking for easy to make costumes that don’t cost the earth and this one ticks all the boxes!

Healthy Chocolate Porridge Recipe

Healthy Chocolate Porridge Recipe

This is a great recipe for new year when you are starting on that health kick but you are still craving the chocolate stuff! It’s great for children who refuse to eat porridge too. Now I’m vegan I would make this with non dairy milk and probably use cacao powder instead of coco powder but it is essentially the same.

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Top Posts of 2018


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