Never lose a hairclip again…

As a mother to two girls there are many things that I have to get on top of, and amongst other things, hairclips are one of them!

I love hair clips, and I even make some to sell in my online shop (here). I think that they look super cute and are great when kids are little like Jelly Baby and you can’t really put their hair up. BUT…they get everywhere, invariably little ones pull them out, I stuff them in my handbag, they get lost at the bottom and emerge grimy. They are also awkward to pack when going out or going away as they are so small they got lost.

Your solution…drumroll please….

A hair clip holder! I have made these ones out of some gorgeous fabric, they hold about 8 hair clips comfortably and are designed so that the hairclips don’t rub against each other when the case is closed shut.

This case is perfect for keeping in your handbag or packing to take on holiday. Never lose a hairclip again!!

A snip at £6 plus p&p. Get one here.


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