New Years Resolutions 2013

This year I am doing the dangerous deed of letting you all know what my 2013 Resolutions are. The idea is that if I have posted them…and they are ‘out there’ I will HAVE to stick to them. Well, we’ll see but here we go anyway!

1. Build my business at Lina Loves

2. Get 2000 likes on my Facebook Page (I know, I know, I am THINKING BIG!)

3. Get 2000 Twitter Followers (see above!)

4. Blog more

5. Be organised

6. Run more (at least once a week)

7. Move House

8. Spend more time doing extra curricular work with Bean.

9. Work on starting some basic home schooling with Jelly Baby.

10. Go to France in the Summer

11. Improve my Welsh.


Now that is quite a list. I plan on checking back in every month to see how well I am doing. Some resolutions I have been quite specific about, and others vague. Specifics I find can both help and hinder. They provide concrete goals but also it is disheartening if you miss a goal, hence the mix of the two. There is some stuff for me, some for the children and some things for the family. Overall I want 2013 to be happy, busy, and less stressful than 2012. Let’s get it on!


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