Nursery Ideas

Nursery Ideas

I’ve been getting caught up already in thinking about how to re-decorate the nursery and my head is swimming with nursery ideas! I probably won’t actually do it until the baby is here as I am fed up of gender neutral nurseries having had two already! The baby’s room is only tiny but hopefully when they are nearly one we will be in a new house and the theme can transfer over.

Pinterest is great for putting together little ideas like a mood board. I’m drawn to grey and silver at the moment which would be great if the baby is a boy. I’d love to stencil silver glittery stars on the wall. The same would work for a girl, maybe with pink glittery stars?

I like soppy prints that you find on Etsy and might think about making some myself to save money.

Are you a fan of Pinterest? I love it and am using it more and more at the moment. If you want to follow me on there, click on the widget in the right hand sidebar.

Here is a peek at my Pinterest board at what I have in mind for the grey and white nursery. What do you think?



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