O2 Meltdown….

I’m sure you all know about the meltdown in service received from O2 on the 12th July 2012. Today, whilst the service has been restored, there is now call for O2 to compensate their customers for the lack of service.

Maybe this is just me, but I think this is a little much. They had a problem, they worked tirelessly to fix it, and they did. Technical glitches happen. Are we that addicted to our mobile phones that we cannot function without them for an afternoon? Maybe there are some people who were seriously adversely affected, not many though I am sure.

Not too long ago we all functioned without mobile phones constantly with us, and I for one managed just fine for the afternoon. Call for compensation is just another example of our greedy compensation culture. The majority of people would not have been put out by the service blip, so please don’t look for something for free.


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