Opal Plumstead by Jaqueline Wilson – A Review

Bean who is 8 loves reading, and she has recently started getting into Jaqueline Wilson novels after she was bought one for her last birthday. She was really pleased therefore when we were sent Opal Plumstead to review.

opal plumstead

Opal Plumstead is about a 14 year old girl whose father is sent to prison and she has to give up her education to work in a local sweet factory. Set in the midst of the first world war this book perfectly demonstrates the atmosphere of the war, and gives the young readers a little insight into how life was like then.

I was also pleasantly surprised that there was a feminist theme in the book – with particular mention of the suffragette movement. What a great topic and message to be passing onto the younger generation. Opal herself is a strong, feisty and capable character and it would be great if more young girls could identify with that.

Unfortunately though I think this book was ultimately a little old for Bean, and maybe suited more to young teenagers. The book itself is quite thick which was off-putting to her and the ending was so so sad. That doesn’t detract from it being a great book – just suited more to a slightly older audience in my opinion.

Disclosure – we were sent this book for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own. 


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