The Ordinary Moments

the ordinary moments

My husband would kill me if he read this blog and saw this picture! But for me this epitomises the ordinary moments in our house. Since Jelly Baby was about 7 months and I stopped breastfeeding her in the night, hubby took over night time wakings. At first it was so that I wasn’t tempted to feed her (I have no willpower at 2am!) and then it was because after months of no sleep we felt it was his turn!!

Now of course night time wakings are few and far between, but they still are generally his job to deal with. Since the mornings are lighter and it has been warmer Jelly Baby has been waking up a little more than usual (once a week maybe). We’ve all been super tired – me because I’m heavily pregnant and hubby because he has been working so hard preparing for 2 weeks off work. This morning I found these two like this in her bed – hubby obviously had gone for the easy option in settling her back to sleep! They looked so cute though and it reminded me that these little moments won’t last forever, and no matter how annoying night time wakings are or how much he shouldn’t have slept in her bed, these little ordinary moments are what makes life so special. She loves her daddy and they look very content – what more could we ask for?




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