The Ordinary Moments

3am. A new moment in time that I am regularly experiencing now. We are very lucky that we have managed to get 4 week old Sprout into a really great night time routine where he wakes just once at night for a feed, usually about 3am.

I actually find myself surprisingly awake at this feed. I feed Sprout, change his nappy and then usually pop off to express a little (the middle of the night is optimum milk supply producing time). I head downstairs, make myself a coffee and a snack, grab the sterilised breastpump and spend a quiet 15 minutes browsing Instagram or watching a vlog and expressing. The house is quiet and I look out of the window at my neighbours dark houses and it feels so peaceful – I dare say I actually enjoy the rare moment of peace!

So welcome to my ordinary moment – alone at 3am and appreciating the peace!



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