The Ordinary Moments

IMG_5350This summer has been a really relaxed one. We had no choice really as I had to recover from the c-section but it has been really lovely actually. We have had lazy mornings, daytime baths and slow walks to the park and to the shops. We haven’t planned much and just enjoyed spending time together doing simple things. In this picture the girls are having a picnic breakfast in the front room watching TV. Not epic parenting maybe, but simply lovely and relaxing and it is really nice to just enjoy each other’s company without rushing to be somewhere. The girls have really flourished this holiday in a way that I didn’t plan or expect and it has been really nice for them to have time to spend with their new brother. I will certainly miss these ordinary moments – lazy mornings when they are back at school in a week.



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  1. August 25, 2014 / 9:59 pm

    Lazy mornings are definitely the best kind of mornings, we have had a lovely lazy weekend where we have been in our PJ’s most of the time. xx

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