The Ordinary Moments

Every night when I head up to bed I look into the girls room to check how they are, give them a kiss and adjust their covers. It is a nightime ritual – an ordianry moment in my life.

One night this week I went in to find this…

the ordinary moments

Bean had climbed into Jelly Baby’s bed, taken her bedding down and they were sleeping in one bed together. Given that my girls more often than not fight with each other this was a really lovely sight to see. I hope that they grow out of the constant bickering and that when they grow up they will be really close. This little moment gives me that hope that they will.



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  1. mummydaddyme
    September 12, 2014 / 8:14 pm

    Oh this is absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful moment to have captured. I love going in to see my girls in the evening, there is nothing more special than seeing them snuggled up and cosy. x

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