So being stuck inside for the last two days has driven me a little stir crazy. But it has also made me realise that I like routines and order and that part of what is driving me crazy was not getting anything done.

I decided to use my time effectively and get writing some to do lists and organisational help lists.

Firstly I wrote down my routine for the day. I am a big believer in routine for babies so we already have structured meal and nap times (with some flexibility of course) but now this is written down. Incorporated into this are lists of what I need to do – each year, 6 months, monthly and weekly. I then add the relevant items onto my timetable, which ensures that everything gets done and I know when I am doing it. I like this plan as it ensures that I know what days I am doing what and also encourages me to do things. I mean, would I be writing this if it wasn’t on my list to write a blog post everyday??!!

I also made a menu list, detailing what to have for brekkie, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks. This ensures that I the girls are fed well balanced healthy meals and I know what I am cooking each day and can allow cooking time. It also helps with the weekly shopping list.

Lastly and not least I have lists for work purposes – for example what things I ned to get making and things I need to do each week or month such as look at advertising, a list of blogs etc. It is early organisational days but it is inspiring me and organising me so hopefully I can stick with it!


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