Organising bedroom wardrobes

Continuing on my theme this week of organisation, I have sorted and organised my bedroom wardrobes (well, I say mine, but mine and hubby’s). Hubby is incapable of sorting anything himself!!

They started off a real mess. Not enough was made of the space that we have in them. They are lovely big wardrobes, and even though they were inexpensive from Ikea, (similar here) they really do the job.

However, ours had gotten very disorganised and messy. Too many clothes necessitated a change of system. Here is a before pic…


Inspired by my new found best blog IHeart Organising, where Jen organised her wardrobes (which funnily enough are the same Ikea ones or very similar) I adopted a similar approach to mine. I moved the shoe racks from the downstairs cupboard upstairs, bought some storage drawers for the right hand side from Argos (here) and put ¬†bags, accessories and pyjamas into neat boxes so that they don’t fall everywhere and look messy.

Here are the after pics. I LOVE the neatness, especially of hubby’s side, and yes, ours will never look as perfect as my American idol’s but they are pretty good for me!



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