Organising Kids Arts and Crafts Supplies

Clearly we are mega into arts and crafts. The girls love painting, sticking, colouring and making all sorts of things. We plan on doing some great craft activities on cooler and rainy days this summer so I thought it was about time we got all the gear sorted.

When Bean was little I organised the paints etc into two big tubs that live on top of the dresser in the dining room. Over the years this has got messier and messier and the paint older and older until it was finally time to sort it all out.

So here it is, in all it’s glory…

Pencils, crayons and pens organised into respective tubs… (these are recycled laundry tablet boxes)


Colouring books, sticker books and paper are all found here along with ready made craft packs such as ‘make your own fairy wands’.


Stickers and glue now have their own box…


as do other bits of various craft things such as pom poms, lolly sticks, sequins, beads, feathers etc. (obviously including fluffy easter chicks…)


Play-dough accessories (moulds, cutters, rollers etc) are all stored in a big tub. Paints are stored alongside in another big tub along with paintbrushes, paint trays and water pots. A plastic tablecloth and plastic aprons are also in here.


Now we can just grab a tub and get crafting. Now all we need are some rainy days!!


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