Organising my fabric stash

A while back I moved my desk from the study to the landing. Yes, I sacrificed my study so that Jelly Baby could have a bedroom…bah humbug! We have quite a big landing so I thought it would be ok. But I didn’t think about how noisy it would be on the landing. WHen working at the weekends or evenings it was hard to concentrate and often I would get disturbed and feel like I should help out with the kids. So after going mental one weekend, I moved my ‘study’ or more sewing space as it has become into our bedroom. Not ideal but we do have a large bedroom and the desk fit nicely at the end of the bed and I could close the door – hooray!!

I was storing all my fabric in two big boxes under the desk. It wasn’t ideal as I couldn’t see what fabric I had and I couldn’t get my legs under when sewing which was giving me a bit of a bad back. It also looked like a mess, which I didn’t want in my bedroom. So this weekend I organised it.

Here is what it was like before…

And this is what it is like now…

The box on the right holds all my finished items waiting to sell. The fabric is folded and stored on a shelving system, which is actually a cheap shoe rack from Argos.

I can see all my fabric set out, which is great as already I have found that I already have fabric that I was going to buy for two custom quilts I am making. It also confirmed that I do not need to buy any more fabric for a while!

I organised all my sewing nic nacs into this great Cath Kidston sewing box which I had as a gift for Christmas. It now stores all my thread, business name labels, sewing machine thread, bobbins etc.

Finally all my tiny pieces of scraps I popped in this cute Joules bag which came with a bath set I was given for my birthday.

I am so pleased with it, I can finally see all my fabric and I love being organised! Just have to keep on top of it now!



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