Organising that ‘odds and ends’ drawer

In the spirit of organising things, I have been slowly working on organising the kitchen drawers. Today was the turn of the ‘odds and sods’ drawer. I know you all have one – the one you shove the batteries and lightbulbs and all the other things into which should have a place to live but don’t.

I needed to be able to see everything in there, and I also needed the drawer to be able to shut without me shoving it in and out in a bad tempered fashion until it finally rammed in. So I saved some boxes from the recycling pile and hatched a plan.

I emptied the drawer and stood up the boxes in the drawer and moved them around until they all fit nicely. Lots of different sized boxes are great for this. Then I trimmed them down to just below the height of the drawer and voila – easy peesy compartments! Ideally you would then wrap the compartments in pretty paper but I didn’t have time, guess that is one for the to-do list.

Here is the finished job…


Unfortunately I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture but take my word for it – it was a mess!



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