Organising the Kitchen Cupboards

As part of my big spring clean and organise I have finally organised my kitchen cupboards. I have two large cupboards for food but they are awkward corner cabinet ones and the spinning lazy susan’s won’t fit into them so I have to organise them in a way which makes it relatively easy to pull things out to get at other things. However, they were in a HUGE mess – I had no idea what was in there and so I decided I needed to do a major organise!

Firstly I made inventory sheets and laminated them so that I could write on them with dry marker pens. I wrote down all the items in the cupboards, along with best before dates and taped these to the inside of the doors. I will be able to wipe items off as they are used and add them when they are bought! It also means that I can see the contents of the cupboard at a glance.

I then made food storage labels by printing labels I designed onto label paper and cutting out. I stuck these to tupperware boxes and now I can see exactly what is where, the storage is streamlined and organised and there is no more clutter and mess.

I bought some tupperware boxes to organise everything out of little bags so that it was easier to see what I had in the cupboard. I bought them all in the 99p store and spent £15 in total – not bad for organised cupboards!

Now for the before and after photos…eeek!

And after…bliss!

I also designed a meal planner which again is laminated so it can be re-used and stuck it to the front of the fridge so that everyone knows what they are eating that week.

Because I love to share – you can download the labels, meal planner and inventory list for free – check them out! Happy organising!


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  1. Laura Huggins
    June 21, 2013 / 9:31 am

    I love this idea!!! My kitchen needs major organisation!

    Thank you for linking up with the weekend blog hop

    Hope to see you again tomorrow

    Laura x x x

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