Our Lego Dream Home

My girls love playing with Lego so when we were challenged by Ocean Finance to design a dream home out of Lego we couldn’t say no!

We received a lovely box of shiny new Lego in lots of bright colours and without me even mentioning the challenge Bean set about making her own dream home – it was like she had a sixth sense as to what I was going to ask her to do!

Here is her finished home…. I love the rainbow steps!


It has space to park the car…


and the helicopter (it really is a dream home!!)…


There is a light on top and apparently we all snuggle together to sleep on the green area – like camping!

I love her little imagination, and that she built this on her own with no instruction from me! And who doesn’t want a house with a drive, a big car and a helicopter park too! Don’t worry about the fact that there is no bathroom, kitchen or that we all have to snuggle to sleep together on the roof! It is a lovely, bright happy house though and it makes me smile to look at it! I think it would be a really happy home 🙂

Bean says she was inspired by the different colours and wanted to make a rainbow home with space for her helicopter and car! She thinks it is the best dream home because we could all be close to each other and we could use the helicopter to fly off on holidays whenever we wanted – now who can argue with that?!

This post is an entry into the Ocean Finance Blogger’s Competition. We were gifted a box of Lego for the purposes of this post.


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