Our Love Story…

A little bit more about me then…today, how hubby and I got together!

I am originally from London and when I was 12 I moved to Surrey. For a crazy reason I went to University in Aberystwyth and from there moved to Cardiff with my then boyfriend. I had studied law and wanted to be a solicitor. I really wanted to move to London after Uni but my then boyfriend had a job in Cardiff so that was the easy choice.

Boy it was the wrong choice. He was lovely but we weren’t meant to be together. I loved our little flat but I hated spending time there with him. I was homesick for university, for home and when we went out I usually got raving drunk and called my friends complaining of how miserable I was.

Then I met hubby to be. He was my boss at work, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t think twice about him when I met him. But then over time I saw how sweet he was. I was warned that he was a bit of a player…he was living with a girlfriend but had ‘snogged’ someone else at an office party. Another colleague told me he was very ‘hands on’ with her. I was gradually liking him more but not romantically interested.

It came to the summer office party and I spent  while chatting with him and from then on I wanted him. I still had a boyfriend though and I thought he was a player so I treated it a bit like a crush. I drove around listening to Jamie Cullum’s “You’re Beautiful” on repeat – the line “I’ll never ever be with you” was how I saw it.

Come another drunken night out I was chatting to a colleague about how unhappy I was in my current relationship. He told me to get out – you only live once so live for love. Somehow also that night hubby to be made a move on me. Now I don’t condone cheating, but we did kiss that night. We went out for lunches that following week and resolved to break it off with our partners. It was complicated for him as they bought a house together and complicated for me as it was my boyfriend’s birthday the next week and we were going to Paris together.

A week later I was in Paris, when hubby to be text me to say he had broken it off with his girlfriend and would be waiting for me when I came home. Unfortunately current boyfriend saw the message….not the nicest break up ever. He refused to talk about it – and I left him in Paris. I spent the worst night ever at Gare du Nord (stupidly I didn’t find my own hotel) and the next day met hubby to be and the rest is history. He sold his house, I moved out of our rented flat and we moved in together straight away. Crazy, stupid and in love I know! 8 months later we were pregnant with Bean. A roller coaster ride indeed!

We married in October 2009 – Bean was a surprise arrival and I didn’t want to get married just because I was pregnant, I wanted to marry because I wanted to marry.

Our first couple of years of marriage have been hard. We get on very well and we agree on all the major things but a relationship takes a back seat when kids arrive. I love our little family though and I am determined to make it work – happily ever after will be my reality!

I have come to realise that the little family we created is now bigger than anything. They are my life, my world and while there may be day to day troubles, that little family picture must remain the focus – and be the bigger picture.


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