Personalised Back To School Labels and Lunchboxes From Petit-Fernand

Disclosure – we were gifted the items in this post for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.

The school holidays are only just about to start but as we all know they will fly by and before we know it we’ll be frantically getting everything ready for back to school in September. I like to try to be organised so the first week of the school holidays will be back to school shopping and then on a quiet rainy day in the holidays I know I can sit everyone down in front of a film and get busy labelling everything.

My eldest has been completely through primary school now and the littlest two are also in school so I’ve been labelling uniform for years now (and will be for many more!). With three children there is a lot of uniform to label so I’ve discovered that the easiest way to do it is with personalised stick on labels.

When the gorgeous company Petit-Fernand got in touch to ask if we wanted to try their stick on clothing labels I immediately said yes. I had a little look at their website and found they do a whole array of personalised things for school so we also ordered personalised bento lunchboxes for the girls as well as some stick on item labels for books and pens etc.

The stickers all came packaged in a neat little book which is really handy as it keeps them all together and you don’t lose sheets of stickers. Throughout the year I always find there are more things to label so I know I’ll have all the children’s stickers safe in one place with this handy book.

The clothing labels are completely personalisable. You can choose the background colour, text colour and font and also an icon. The icons are a really great idea for little ones who might not be able to read their name yet and you can also leave the icon off for older children who are too cool for that! They measureĀ 17.5 by 22mm so they are a nice size and they stick to any clothing label or tag (not the fabric itself though). The name labels are really easy to apply and it only takes two seconds to put them on. They are washing machine resistant up to 60 degrees and also ok for use in the tumble drier.

The stick-on name labels are exactly the same as in you can personalise them how you want them to look so they can match your clothing labels. They will stick onto any smooth surface so are perfect for labelling pencil cases, pens and books.

Other things you need to label are lunchboxes and drinks bottles (especially drinks bottles as I find these always go missing!) We received two of the bento lunchboxes which your child can design themselves and have their names printed onto them. My girls loved helping to design their lunchboxes, they could choose the base colour, the background image and the text colour that their name appeared in.

I love that they are bento style boxes, which are perfect for the lunches that I pack for them and they fit so much in! They also have removable ice packs which have been a lifesaver in this warm weather for keeping their fruit fresh and cool. The removable trays are a really great idea too, at snack time they just remove the tray with their healthy snack in and there is no need to pack an extra tub.

The lunchboxes are really sturdy, BPA free and microwave and fridge safe. I’m sure that they will really last and the girls love using theirs.

As you can see Petit-Fernand is a great one-stop shop for all your personalised items for back to school! They’ve also teamed up with We Made This Life to offer one of my lucky readers the chance to win one of their personalised lunchboxes. To enter just complete the Gleam widget below. Giveaway ends on Sunday 5th August 2018. Standard terms and conditions apply.

Petit Fernand Lunchbox


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