Pocket Money Treats

We were poor growing up. Well, not poor exactly, my dad had buckets of money…he just didn’t like to share it with us. So while I can’t remember wanting for anything, we definitely didn’t have any luxuries. No foreign holidays, no Sky TV, no expensive toys for Christmas. My husband’s family was the same. So when we had our girls, we wanted to give them a different life, one where they had all that they wanted, one with ballet lessons and holidays and a nice car and nice home.

But I think maybe this has backfired. Bean knows no value to money. If I say we have no more money she just tells me to use a card. We have tried to explain numerous times that Daddy and Mummy work hard  to put money in the bank to buy here these things but it doesn’t seem to sink in. So we have started giving her pocket money – so that she can save to buy expensive things. £2 a week for a 6 year old which seems like quite a lot to me.

Bean has spent her pocket money on an array of things, and she enjoys learning to count the money and buying things that I otherwise wouldn’t get her. It solves the nagging and solves me being irritated with wasting my money on things that I think are tat. It has also served her well at haggling in shops – she recently got a £12.99 item down to £3 by showing the shopkeeper how much pocket money she had!! Wish that trick worked for me!!


Disclosure – “This post is an entry into theTots100/Roosterbank Pocket Money Competition”



  1. Kim Carberry
    September 6, 2013 / 12:03 pm

    hahaha You’re dad sounds like mine….Rather stiingy with his pennies…lol

  2. November 17, 2014 / 11:14 pm

    Yes. Just yes. My children understand the machine at the supermarket is where you go to get money… hmmm! “No money mummy? I can get money from the 2p machine or you can go to Tesco’s”… I hope our reward chart has as much success!

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