Potty Training Success!

Well I can finally be brave enough to say I think we have cracked it – Jelly Baby is potty trained! I was really dreading potty training this time around as Bean was such hard work but I have definitely found it much easier this time – whether that is due to differences in me or differences in the girls who knows!

This time I waited until I thought Jelly Baby was really ready. She will be 3 in February so she is quite ‘late’ to be potty trained but after your first child, peer parenting pressure is not so important to you. I made sure that she saw us going to the toilet and so she thought that was normal. I also had the potty out for months before hand and would ask her regularly (before bed, after a bath etc.) if she wanted to sit on it.

When I decided she was ready I had noticed that she could hold her wee for quite a while and her poos were at regular times of the day. We went to the shops and made a big deal of buying ‘big girl knickers’ and used those instead of nappies straight away.

With a lot of encouragement (and sweet bribery) she has managed to do it. And her epic bladder control means that unlike Bean, we don’t need to dash for the nearest toilet the moment she asks for a wee! Of course she has had a couple of accidents when we are out and about but 99% of the time she stays clean and dry.

I can’t express enough how relieved I am that this stage is over! Not only is she now ready to start school in February but I save the cost on nappies! Whoop whoop!




  1. Rebecca
    December 6, 2013 / 9:23 am

    2 years and 9 months is in no way considered “late” in potty training. In fact, it’s about average. There are parent who worry about this, and end up pushing their kids to potty train way to early. There are plenty of kids who potty train AFTER their 3rd birthday. I just don’t want mums to worry about their kids being late etc etc……..its not a race, there is no right or wrong time. 2 and a half IS Not LATE! 😀

    • cookiesandcwtches
      December 9, 2013 / 10:17 am

      Maybe you missed the point of my entire post – I put ‘late’ in inverted commas for a reason!

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