Pregnancy Yoga – for free

I have always wanted to join a pregnancy yoga class, and I guess I should have done it in my first pregnancy, as since then I just haven’t had the time (or been able to justify the money).

Pregnancy yoga classes are great I’m sure because you get to meet other expectant mums in the area and have the benefits of a qualified yoga instructor helping you to perform the exercises and make sure that you won’t hurt yourself.

However, if like me, you already have a network of mummy friends, and you have taken yoga classes before you might want to brave doing some yoga at home. I thought I would share with you a link to some fabulous pre-natal yoga You Tube videos which I have been using over the past couple of weeks.

These exercises are only 10 minutes long which I can fit into my day really well. I just take the laptop downstairs before everyone is up and afterwards I feel ready to face the day. Where I can I will squeeze another work out into the evening. I have found these videos easy to manage and really easy to follow and I’d thoroughly recommend them. Here is a link to episode 1 in the series I have been using. I’d love to hear your you tube / dvd recommendations too.


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