The Princess and The Pea at Sherman Cymru – A Review

On Saturday we had a lovely treat and headed over to The Sherman theatre in Cardiff to watch their Christmas showing The Princess and the Pea. We love their shows and went to see their Christmas offering for older children, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe last week.

The Princess and The Pea was set out uniquely, as it usually is for performances aimed at younger children, with relaxed seating and crash pads around a centre stage. The girls, encouraged by one of the actors settled themselves in the front on a mat where they had a great view and could really feel in the thick of the performance.


I’ll be honest, the start of the performance was a little slow. The Prince and Queen appeared to have a creepy relationship and I wasn’t quite sure of where they were going with it. The children however were absolutely enthralled, watching them catch imaginary water drops in pots and pans that were scattered about. The rhythm of the raindrops was captivating and honestly, I felt like the roof was actually leaking it was so realistic to me.


The arrival of a course of unsuitable suitors livened the action up and generated a few laughs but the real magic of the performance happened when the Princess came on the scene. Dressed unlike a traditional princess, her beauty and sparkle made it apparent who she was. She was funny, lively, childish and energetic and she brought the stage to life, injecting a much needed element of fun into the creepy Prince / Queen relationship.

You all know the story I am sure, but I was very impressed at the 20 individual mattresses that were brought out for the Princess to sleep on, and the one pea that proved that she was a real princess!

The girls really enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend it as a great family trip out. I loved the relaxed feel to the performance, how welcome the children were and the actors even stayed afterwards to chat to everyone on their way out. They normally have great activities for the kids before a performance, although we weren’t early enough this time they have some great activity packs available to download online…

English language activity pack: click here
Welsh language activity pack: click here

The Princess and the Pea is on until the 2nd January 2016. More information and show times can be seen here. If you are the forward thinking type, next year’s Christmas show is going to be The Borrowers, I’m looking forward to that already!



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