So, it has been a short while but I am still here!

Maternity leave has finished, and I am back working as a writer – when I can squeeze it in!

I am slowly weaning Jelly off the breast now that she will take a bottle.

Bean is doing very well in Reception!

I have also decided to make some crafty items to sell and have today listed lots of lovely handmade and personalisable Christmas and Wedding cards in my ebay shop.

I am going to make some personalisable Tote Bags to sell too. The idea is that I will work at weekends while the hubby has the kids. He’s not too keen but there you go. I will either write or make things. My mother in law comes on a Wednesday so I also have that day to get stuff done.

All I need to squeeze in now is the housework!

No rest for the wicked as they say!!


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