Protecting Images of Your Children when Blogging

This month one of our blogging community had a bit of a scare when she found out that photos of her gorgeous children had been stolen from her blog and used by a woman who created a fake Facebook profile with them.

It is absolutely horrific and makes me sick to think that someone could do that. I would hate to think that someone has pictures of my children and is pretending that they are theirs.

I know that there are many reasons why this woman may have done this. She may be sad because she doesn’t have children of her own, or they died. She may be lonely and looking for friendships. Or she may well just be mentally ill. We’ll never know.

I put pictures of my children on here hoping that the same doesn’t happen to me. It is a question of balance – we do what we can to protect our children but yet blogging is an outlet for me – a place to share our journey and something for the girls to read when they are older. We have to think to ourselves that yes, someone may steal our photos, but the bonuses of blogging outweigh that risk, and our real children are safe and warm with us here at home. No photo stealing can change that.

But we have to be careful so I thought I would share with you some things you can do to protect your child when blogging about them. If you have any other tips please please do share them in the comments.

  • Don’t use your children’s real names
  • Don’t reveal your address
  • Don’t reveal the name of your child’s school / or name places they regularly go e.g. a certain church / identifiable group
  • You could take photos cleverly so as not to show their faces
  • Don’t publish any naked or suggestive photographs
  • Protect images with a watermark.
  • Enable a plugin that disables the ‘right click’ option on your blog to make it harder to steal images
  • If you are worried that an image has been stolen you can use google images search to see if it appears elsewhere on the web

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