Realising that I am “that” mother…

Last Friday I had to take Bean to ballet lessons. Off we went, cutting it fine time wise, as usual. We got to the hall and there were no cars there, no one waiting outside, just deserted. Bean then piped up – “remember ballet’s in the new hall this week mummy?”. No  I didn’t remember. We’d had a letter mentioning a change of hall but I thought that started in September. Bean LOVES ballet so  I had no choice but to drive to other hall to see if the lesson was there and sneak her in.

When I arrived I was greeted by the ballet teacher (a truly lovely lady) who let us in and told me not to worry, they knew that one mother would go to the wrong place.

I left thinking WHY AM I THAT MOTHER? I am always that mother. I forget dressing up days, PE kits, inset days etc. It finally dawned on me that I can no longer wing my way through school life. There are too many important dates, and when there are two in school it will only be worse. Half heartedly reading letters and placing them down never to be found again is not going to do.

So, I am going to invest in a wall planner. A wipe off one. With spaces for all the days of the week and a notes section. PE day will be highlighted. As soon as I know the date of sports day it will be written down. Hopefully it will save me lots of time I currently spend trying to dig out letters I know I have read and are somewhere, I just cannot remember exactly what it said.

I am internet shopping for one as we speak. I’ll add a pic when it arrives so you can see how organised I have become!!


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