Review: Clarks Maple Syrup and Honey

I’ve told you all before about our love of pancakes in this house and for me maple syrup is a must have topping for pancakes! But we also enjoy maple syrup in lots of different recipes from eggy crumpets to homemade granola. We even put it on our porridge.

I wasn’t aware that Clarks made honey but they do indeed and good honey it is! We love honey on toast and honey sandwiches and lately we have alternated maple syrup on our porridge with this honey which is a tasty change.

We were sent some maple syrup and honey from Clarks to try out and we loved it. I particularly like the fact that they make the maple syrup in different flavours from original to vanilla. Some of their syrup is blended with carob fruit syrup which makes it cheaper than other brands but just as tasty or they sell pure Canadian Maple syrup in 2 different grades.

clarks maple syrup

We were familiar with the brand Clarks before but I wasn’t aware that they are a local welsh business, located in Newport. I think it is really important to support local businesses and I will definitely be continuing my support of yummy Clarks products in the future.

Here are some recipes which use maple syrup or honey if you want to give some a try..

american pancakes recipe

eggy crumpets

Eggy Crumpets

fruity flapjack recipeIMG_6021

Disclosure – we were sent some Clarks Maple Syrup and Honey for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.


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