Coconuts Soft Play Centre Barry Review

After our trip to the dietician went well I decided to treat Bean to a little trip to Coconuts soft play centre after school.

This place is relatively new, a couple of years old and consists of a large soft play frame with slides and a separate baby area and a disco dancing room. They serve hot food and we usually really like the place as it is nice and clean and you can sit comfortably and watch your children play. It is not so big that you don’t know where they are.

It was 3.95 for Bean to get in, £1 for me and Jelly was free. I also got charged for paying by card as it was under £5. You then get two hours play. This is quite pricey, I never like it when places charge adults to come in but at least under 1s are free.

On this occasion I was very disappointed however to be told that there was no food as the kitchen had closed. I was told this as I tried to order not when I paid to get in. I was very annoyed as surely most people who come after school feed their children dinner there and I felt that they could have mentioned it when I came in. Of course by this point bean was happily playing so I had no option but to stay there. I had to leave early then to make sure she had dinner by 5.30 so it was a very expensive hour’s play.

I did buy a coffee which was £1.80 and although I asked for an Americano I was given instant without being told or asked. It was like water and basically undrinkable. As you can get a large filter coffee in Starbucks for £1.50 coconuts offers poor value for money.

I would be wary about visiting here again after school for these reasons.


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