Review: Health and Parenting’s Pregnancy + App

I’ll admit it – I’m a sucker for an app. I tracked my cycles when I was trying to conceive using an app and now I am pregnant an app for pregnancy is just the thing to float my boat.


The Pregnancy + App is absolutely fantastic. You put in your due date and it tracks your pregnancy, showing you example 2d and 3d ultrasound images as well as an image of what they might look like at this stage. This is absolutely fascinating for me – each week you can get a glimpse of what your baby actually looks like – it always amazes me how ‘real’ they look so early on. Here is what our little ‘sprout’ looks like at 22 weeks…

You get daily tips and weekly summaries and other interesting information…our baby is the size of a cantaloupe right now!!

Really usefully you can keep track of all your appointments, your weight change, tasks etc. Perfect for if you have serious baby brain like me! There is also a shopping section where you can tick off things that you need to buy and a name section which lists the top 500 boys and girls names and lets you compile a shortlist and add your own names too.

I love this app and would recommend it to all pregnant women 🙂 It is free for the first few weeks and after that it costs £1.99 for full access which I think is very reasonable for all the information and functionality included.

You can download the app for apple devices here

More details of Health & Parenting’s suite of apps can be found here.


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